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Famous Biologists
Famous Mathematicians
Famous Physicists
Famous Psychologists


Alexander Graham Bell
Alexander Fleming
Albert Bandura
Claude Bernard
Alfred Binet
Franz Boas
Niels Bohr
Ludwig Boltzmann
Max Born
Louis de Broglie
Noam Chomsky
Nicolaus Copernicus
Francis Crick
Marie Curie
John Dalton
Charles Darwin
Rene Descartes
Thomas Edison
Albert Einstein
Leonhard Euler
Michael Faraday
Benjamin Franklin
Sigmund Freud
Galileo Galilei
Jane Goodall
Stephen Hawking
Heinrich Hertz
Edwin Hubble
Christiaan Huygens
Edward Jenner
Johannes Kepler
Antoine Laurent Lavoisier
Anton van Leeuwenhoek
Kurt Lewin
Charles Lyell
James Clerk Maxwell
Isaac Newton

Jean Piaget
Louis Pasteur
Linus Pauling
Ivan Pavlov
Max Planck
Ernest Rutherford
Jonas Salk
Erwin Schrodinger
B. F. Skinner
Nikola Tesla
Joseph J. Thomson
Alan Turing
Alessandro Volta
John B. Watson
Wilhelm Wundt








When you've finished checking out the Sciography site, please visit some of our fine partner links. These sites have been handpicked to provide visitors with scientific information and /or humor in the science arena. We've partnered up with some of the finest sites we can find in order to give our visitors a quality web surfing experience.


FirstGov for Science - The U. S. government science website with loads of helpful information.

NASA - This is the one place to go for those interested in space flight and space travel.

Office of Science and Technical information - Affiliated with the U. S. Department of Energy, this is a resource for searching DOE articles.

U. S. Department of Energy - provides information on all sorts of energy-related initiatives in the United States.


Other Resources

Symbolab - search engine for science geeks.

Science Fair Projects and Experiments - combines jokes and science under one roof.

Molecules with Silly or Unusual Names - like the name implies this science site is filled with all sorts of real life humor.

Technology Education - focused on both technology teachers can use in the classroom and where students can go for a quality tech education.

Victor - Science-oriented comic strip by Brian Houdashelt with fresh content three days a week.

Science Fair Projects - Offers a look at many experiments for those in grade school and high school.

Science Cartoons by Chase - features some very funny drawings sure to make one laugh out loud.



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