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Alexander Graham Bell
Alexander Fleming
Albert Bandura
Claude Bernard
Alfred Binet
Franz Boas
Niels Bohr
Ludwig Boltzmann
Max Born
Louis de Broglie
Noam Chomsky
Nicolaus Copernicus
Francis Crick
Marie Curie
John Dalton
Charles Darwin
Rene Descartes
Thomas Edison
Albert Einstein
Leonhard Euler
Michael Faraday
Benjamin Franklin
Sigmund Freud
Galileo Galilei
Jane Goodall
Stephen Hawking
Heinrich Hertz
Edwin Hubble
Christiaan Huygens
Edward Jenner
Johannes Kepler
Antoine Laurent Lavoisier
Anton van Leeuwenhoek
Kurt Lewin
Charles Lyell
James Clerk Maxwell
Isaac Newton

Jean Piaget
Louis Pasteur
Linus Pauling
Ivan Pavlov
Max Planck
Ernest Rutherford
Jonas Salk
Erwin Schrodinger
B. F. Skinner
Nikola Tesla
Joseph J. Thomson
Alan Turing
Alessandro Volta
John B. Watson
Wilhelm Wundt







(biographies of famous scientists)


Sciography.com (science + biography) is devoted to the scientific movers and shakers throughout history who have advanced our world society for the common good. As a place devoted to the biographies of famous scientists, our purpose is to both enlighten and entertain.

Thomas Edison
Thomas Edison

For instance, the top portions of each of the internal web pages are devoted to delivering factual information about the notable scientists, while the bottom portions, or the "rumor has it" part is devoted to nothing more than bald face lies, misinformation, chicanery, buffoonery, monkey business, clowning around, horseplay and tomfoolery. And, let's not even go into shenanigans.

The most famous scientists throughout history it must be noted had, for the most part, wonderful senses of humor. Besides contributing greatly to the various areas of science such as astronomy, biology, physics, mathematics and chemistry, the people outlined on this site also contributed with their wit, humor and general appreciation of the lighter elements of life.

Notice the Noteworthiness ...

It must be noted that some of the most noteworthy scientists ever produced in this world had the driest and most delicious senses of humor themselves. From earth-shaking and world shattering discoveries, inventions and theories that changed nations and minds, these individuals have done more to enlighten Man that perhaps any other group that has lived.

The biographies of the scientists listed here have brought us out of the Dark Ages and into an age of scientific inquiry, methodology and insight based upon fact, observation and repeatable experimentation. From Copernicus to Darwin to Edison, the world would be remiss to struggle in absurdity without the contributions of the scientific minds such as these.

From telescopes to phonographs to telephones to photographs to cell phones to seismographs, each scientific invention had a huge impact in advancing the interests of worldwide civilization.

By removing a handful of the inventors from the tomes of history, this world would be a much different place. And, one must not forget that scientific impact influences social impact so the fabric of society would not be what it is today without a few of the notables throughout history.

Check out the revolutionaries, visionaries and futurists listed throughout these pages and come back often as there will be new additions added frequently. Science rocks and our future depends upon it.

Written by Kevin Lepton

Updated March 27, 2015